This is where I stayed Sunday night after arriving back from Sydney. Brenda a native Australian and Yawn a Swedish man who moved to Australia many years ago volunteer at the clinic every Friday. On the Friday I was leaving to Sydney they were kind enough to take me to the airport. We had several hours between the time we left the clinic and my flight was departing so they offered to take me somewhere I could look around and then catch the bus to the airport but I preferred getting to know local Australians. I went to their home, walked their dogs with them and then had some champagne and trail mix to kill the time. They’re a lovely retired couple who spend their time volunteering and doing koala rescues. They’ve traveled a lot in the past as Yawn was required to for work so they knew what it was like to be a young traveler in a foreign place.

When they were dropping me off they asked me if I knew how I was getting back when I returned from Sydney and given that my flight was so late at night I genuinely had no idea. They immediately offered to drive me on Monday morning and I could spend the night at their place like they lived so close to the airport. It made my heart warm how hospitable they were. They picked me up from the airport, let me know where everything was and made me some delicious hot chocolate right before bed. The next day they woke me up and offered breakfast before we drove off to the clinic and helped volunteer a bit although they don’t usually do on Mondays.

The people I’ve encountered thus far in Australia are really giving Australians a great name. I’ve experienced an immense amount of hospitality and genuine kindness.

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