This Blog’s Purpose

IMG_0951To be honest I’m not quite sure yet what it is, at least not all it is.

When I first started my blog it was just for my family and friends, it was a way to tell everyone about my experience at the same time and not have to answer the same questions over and over. As time passed and the travels continued I realized how much I enjoyed writing about my travels. I thought about sharing my experiences on a much larger scale but kept finding excuses and hesitating – who’d be interested? What do I know about blogging? Am I even a good enough writer? etc.

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fullsizeoutput_66f4 Volcán Poás contains one of the largest, most active, and acidic natural crater lagoons in the world. The last recorded major activity was in the mid-1950s but there are smaller eruptions that occur every year.

The Map Keeper

I guess my friends think I have a good sense of direction because they trusted me to hold the map and tried to decipher the right path up Jamanota and a couple wrong turns later we made it 🙂


As I joked that we would do lunges up the hill for an intense workout session


Chato Lagoon

The Chato Lagoon was a complete and total fog – swimming in a cloud is quite the experience. However the water, FREEZING

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