Chichén Itzá


Although a far ride from Cancun, Chichén Itzá is a must see when you’re in the area. It is also an easy place to get to via public transportation so no need to spend the extra money on a tour.  Continue reading “Chichén Itzá”

The Markets – Sydney

On Sunday Lilly and I wanted to go whale watching. However, it started raining early in the day and so the whale watching tours were a lot more limited so we decided against it. Instead we thought we would go check out a few markets. We first went to Paddy’s which we had both heard about but it wasn’t what either of us expected. When I think of a market I usually imagine vendors selling items locally made, even some made by themselves. This market was mostly run by people of different Asian backgrounds and seeing things that came from Australia actually seemed a bit rare. I did find a man selling some Aboriginal artwork where the royalties of any sales would go to the artist. The pieces were beautiful so I definitely snagged a couple of those.

It was raining quite a bit while we were in Paddy’s so we walked around for quite a while to let the heavy rain pass. As it started settling down Lilly and I decided to head to The Rocks.

The Rocks is one of the most historic areas in Sydney. The Rocks became established shortly after colonization of the area in 1788, the area was originally known as Tallawoladah by the Cadigal people (Aboriginals in the area). From the earliest settlement the area had the reputation of slums as it was a place for arriving convicts often visited by costing sailors and prostitutes. During the late 19th century the area was inhabited by a gang known as the Rocks Push and so it maintained its slum reputation until about the 1870s. By the early 20th century many of the buildings were decaying and being destroyed in hopes of rebuilding, which was halted by World War I. When they attempted to go back to rebuilding local residents feared hike in rent and prices in near by shops so they protested. The protests after some time were semi successful and so some of the older construction can still be seen on The Rocks although it has become a slightly gentrified and touristic area.

There was a market at The Rocks which was a lot more of what Lilly and I expected. Many of the vendors were selling things made by family members or themselves, some were even making things while also selling at the market. It was great to see all the different talents within this small area of Sydney alone. It was raining all day which also made the markets a lot less busy then I would presume them to usually be. After walking around The Rocks for a bit Lilly and I decided to go to The Opera House in hopes of going inside and looking around.

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