Humming birds are truly amazing birds

Muddy Trails

After one of my shoes came off and my sock almost completely sunk into the mud I thought it was an appropriate time to take a photo of the trail

Let me also note my shoes were all black and basically new when I started this hike

A Danger of Tourism

These animals are usually extremely aggressive but in this area of the rainforest they are (unfortunately) fed by tourists so much they’ve become accustomed to humans and much calmer here which can be dangerous when encountering predators

They told us several times before starting the hike that it was one of the much more challenging ones of Costa Rica

There are also many plots of land where owners have cows, horses and sheep. This is widespread throughout Costa Rica, not just in La Fortuna. I also saw it in the mountainous areas we drove through as I was heading to La Fortuna from Liberia


Two Different Types of Casados

Final breakfast in Liberia (my plate is on the right) and where it was made.

To others this might seem like a heavy breakfast and I definitely agree – my breakfast consisted of sweet plantains, rice and beans, eggs and beef; platanos maduros, pinto, huevos y carne

Getting Around Costa Rica

The next day I got breakfast at around 9AM with Marlene and Pili (YUM). Afterwards, I was going to take the bus for my second time but it was going to be the first time going such a long distance.

Before arriving in Costa Rica I found this website (link at bottom of post) that had buses connecting people to many different areas within the country for $45+, however, from my travel experience I assumed I could find something less expensive by just asking locals. I also knew if I couldn’t I’d be able to book while I was there – I knew I’d have to eventually get from Liberia to San Jose (airports I was flying in and out of) but I didn’t really worry about how I’d do it. Continue reading “Getting Around Costa Rica”

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