The Beauty of Nature

The city of Medellín has several green spaces established in what I believe is another attempt to rebuild the city’s reputation.

Park in El Poblado

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Medellín’s Metro

The day I arrived in Medellin I rode on some of city’s public transportation for the first time.

The metro in Medellín was by far one of the most impressive public transit systems I’ve seen: fast service, no delays and clean, like if I needed another reminder that the NYC MTA system really needs to step its game up. At certain metro stops there is also a free transfer available to one of the metrocable lines in the city. Continue reading “Medellín’s Metro”

(Not So) Violent Medellín

fullsizeoutput_75c4Often times, Medellín is illustrated as a very dangerous and violent place, so much so, that when I told one of my Colombian friends I was going he shared with me how happy it makes him when people visit his country and make their own conclusions about it rather than being solely influenced by the media coverage.

This violent and dangerous portrayal dates back to when the city was the capital of the world’s cocaine business under the surveillance of Pablo Escobar, one of the world’s largest drug-traffickers. Continue reading “(Not So) Violent Medellín”

Guaro Sour

Guaro Sour

I had several typical Zico drinks but that doesn’t necessarily mean they were the tastiest. Every drink had a different flavor that I’m sure is normal true Ticos but it must be an acquired taste.

Along with their Imperial Beer their Guaro Sour is their most popular drink, it is like a tropical version of the well known whiskey sour.

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