A Hummingbird’s Home

From the people, the tourist attractions, the animals, the waterfalls and the mountainous landscape, Costa Rica is a beautiful place and was such an amazing experience for me.

I was only able to spend 10 days in the country making it one of my shortest international trips to date. It was an unfriendly reminder how a full time job with a specific amount of vacation time would prove to be difficult for someone who enjoys traveling as much as I do. However, for the time being working is what funds my travels so this will teach me how to make the most of every trip no matter how long.

I came to several realizations in Costa Rica: Continue reading “A Hummingbird’s Home”

My First Night

I arrived in Liberia Sunday at around 2pm – a bit nervous as I always am when I take off for a trip. I had called the host of the place I was staying and she arranged a taxi driver to pick me up at the airport. When I arrived he was there waiting with a sign with my name written, the way you see in the movies. Continue reading “My First Night”

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