The City of Brotherly Love – Philadelphia


From the arts, to the parks, the views and the food, Philadelphia is quite captivating – below I’ve outlined some suggestions based on popular city spots & those that brought me the most joy: Continue reading “The City of Brotherly Love – Philadelphia”

Good Eats

The food in Aruba is a great reflection of their culture. During my time there it didn’t seem as if Aruba had any signature dishes, fish however, is very popular in many restaurants.

Continue reading “Good Eats”

Cancun – Que Chido

All in all, I must say I’m so glad I challenged myself to go on this trip to Cancun.
As I’ve stated, before booking I was skeptical – I didn’t think it’d be a place I could authentically get to know. I honestly couldn’t imagine getting away from the spring breakers and really experiencing that part of the country the way locals do. Nevertheless, in just a short week I was able to enjoy the spring break experience, the historic/touristic attractions and the local atmosphere.  Continue reading “Cancun – Que Chido”

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Mexico was one of my weirdest trips because I didn’t have much of an appetite – I’m not sure the reason why but I just wouldn’t get hungry/want to eat. However, I still forced myself to do it for my health and to be able to try as much of their authentic food in the short time I had. Continue reading “Authentic Mexican Cuisine”

I spotted these “little” guys(/girls) in all three Mayan ruins I visited

Many structures like these can be found as you get closer to the archaeological site entrance

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