The crater lagoon reflected the white from the fog throughout the day I visited – on days when the sky is clear it appears a true blue/green color

fullsizeoutput_66f4 Volcán Poás contains one of the largest, most active, and acidic natural crater lagoons in the world. The last recorded major activity was in the mid-1950s but there are smaller eruptions that occur every year.

Danki Masha danki – Thank You

Aruba was a much needed mini-vacation and I hope everyone who has been staying updated with my blog enjoyed and learned from these entries. I hope this archive of entries is helpful to all those considering or traveling to Aruba in the future. If anyone has any specific questions please feel free to write to me in the comments.

Soon I will be posting about different places I’ve been able to check out recently while traveling within the US but for now I’ll leave everyone with some pictures recapping the trip that never made it on the blog.


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