Medellín’s Metro

The day I arrived in Medellin I rode on some of city’s public transportation for the first time.

The metro in Medellín was by far one of the most impressive public transit systems I’ve seen: fast service, no delays and clean, like if I needed another reminder that the NYC MTA system really needs to step its game up. At certain metro stops there is also a free transfer available to one of the metrocable lines in the city. Continue reading “Medellín’s Metro”

Picture This

It’s 11:20AM, a girl just picked up her luggage about 15 minutes away from the bus station and has an 11:30AM bus to catch! Well if you pictured that correctly you imagined a girl RUNNING as she lugs her suitcase through rocky roads trying to catch that bus and of course that girl was me.

I had to be in San Carlos at 1:00PM and after this 11:30AM bus the next wouldn’t depart from La Fortuna until 1:00PM. Well lucky for me, right as the bus was pulling away I arrived and the driver (was nicer than those found in NYC and) stopped to let me in. Just in case I thought the hike through hills to get to and from La Fortuna Waterfall weren’t enough this completed my workout for the day.

Getting Around Costa Rica

The next day I got breakfast at around 9AM with Marlene and Pili (YUM). Afterwards, I was going to take the bus for my second time but it was going to be the first time going such a long distance.

Before arriving in Costa Rica I found this website (link at bottom of post) that had buses connecting people to many different areas within the country for $45+, however, from my travel experience I assumed I could find something less expensive by just asking locals. I also knew if I couldn’t I’d be able to book while I was there – I knew I’d have to eventually get from Liberia to San Jose (airports I was flying in and out of) but I didn’t really worry about how I’d do it. Continue reading “Getting Around Costa Rica”

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