You can only put bug repellent on at the reception disk of the clinic because it can be harmful to the animals so once it wore off mosquitos definitely had a ball with my skinIMG_3956

Acid Bill

This Keel-billed Toucan had acid poured on it’s beak – luckily the beak has began to grow back and at this point in time is looking much better.

Update from Proyecto Asis: The toucan can now pick up food and feed itself, great progressfullsizeoutput_66dc




Costa Ricans often times try capturing wild cats when they are young to keep them as pets. However, once they realize that they’re meant to be in the wild and so can be quite destructive within a home and are going to continue growing they try to get rid of them. Continue reading “Margay”

White Faced Monkeys (Capuchin)

In the wild white faced moneys monkeys live 15-25 years but in captivity can live up to 45 – such a conflicting idea. I know at this clinic these animals get treated very well, but they are still in some way in a prison; would you prefer to live a longer life knowing you’ll be well fed and taken care of but in a cage for the rest of your life or would you be okay with a shorter life and having to fend for yourself as long as you have freedom? Continue reading “White Faced Monkeys (Capuchin)”

Proyecto Asis Volunteering Tasks

Some of the tasks at the volunteer center include: cutting and distributing the fruits and veggies for feeding, washing dishes, cleaning out the refrigerators, hosing down cages and helping treat the animals in intensive care.

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